Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday, May 3rd, 1935

Birthdays coming!

Mary's birthday is May 7th. She will be 30 years old. She notes that she got a little birthday $ from her mother on the 3rd. But her birthday is not the story on these pages. It's little DJ's birthday!

Dorthea Jean is four years old on Monday the 6th. She weighs 37 pounds. Her mother makes her an "awful pretty" dress and her brother Paul gives her candy. She also gets "a licking," which is to say everyone give her four little lighthearted spanks. This tradition was carried on in my own house as a little fellow. Turn 8, get eight wacks. From everyone. Turn nine, get nine. The tradition has faded some with my own kids. My youngest just turned 18 last week. He didn't get 18 wacks or any other kind of "licking."

Rain continues as often does in Ohio this time of year. It's a good time to have family over and play cards. Mary played "for a wonder," which must mean she was, as we now say in our generation and house, "the party star."