Friday, May 28, 2010

Tuesday, May 27th, 1935

Decorating Day

Everything I ever learned about Decorating Day, also known as Memorial Day, I learned from my grandma. Here, on the 30th, she notes that she couldn't go to the family graves or take any flowers.

Because I knew she always did this, especially decorating her own mother's grave after she left this world in 1952, I did the same while living in the Morrow County area in the 1990's. The cemetery was located at East Liberty near where her mother Lenora and Mrs. Chambers lived in Porter Township, Delaware County. This cemetery is the first cemetery I remember wandering about in as a child.

The circus is in town. She watched the animals from Gilbert's porch, which strongly suggest that Gilbert's lived on Fairground Street. Homes there face the Marion County fairgrounds across the street. The kids were up early due to the excitement of the big top. They didn't go, but she notes that Harry's do go to the big show on Thursday.

Mary records here blood pressure and reveals that her toe nail and roots must come out according to the doctor. Lloyd's brother Albert drove her over to the doc.

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