Friday, May 7, 2010

Tuesday, May 7th, 1935


Mary writes, "Today is my birthday. I ironed and Lloyd got 38 mushrooms and planted a maple tree for me..." She noted that she was now 30 years old. Included today with her diary entry is a picture of her, looking somewhere around the age 30. Does anyone actually know when this picture was taken?

These pages note many good things. Birthday gifts, mushrooms and greens found off the land; a new tree, a new dress to sew; numerous visitors and spring plantings. She even got to listen to the radio over at Harry's place. she wishes she had a radio, but alas, not now, not for her birthday.

She also talks about pie plant for pies. What is pie plant? And romance is in the air. Mr. Levin is showing an interest in Mae.


  1. Pie plant is rhubarb. My mom used to make rhubarb pies.

  2. You are correct, sir! Another family member referred me to wikipedia where it states pie plant is slang for rhubarb. Takes a lot of sugar, doesn't it? Pucker up!