Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 28th, 1935

Let the good times roll!

Shopping. Dress, shorts, toy guns, overalls, sheets and even a mattress! And then there were cherries. They canned 7 quarts.

Harold's wedding is also recorded here. Harold married Goldie L. Pierson. They had one child, Ronald Leland Benson born in Marion in July 1943. Harold was the only child of Albert and Nellie Benson. Albert was Lloyd's brother, and Nellie his 1st cousin.

Mary also writes that the kids played with some fireworks. Also noted was that she also got to hear a story on Levin's radio on Sunday. Imagine that!

Leo had a birthday on the first of July. Leo is Mary and Lloyd's oldest. He was nine years old this birthday. No special celebration was noted. Plans are made to go to the zoo on the 4th of July.

Who is Long and who is Alice that she would hide from them?

Monday, June 24th, 1935

Called back to work!

The guy came and called Lloyd back to work. Mary made a pie from the cherries that were given to her to put in his lunch bucket. Things are looking up.

Even the kids are being good. Oh, boy. Lloyd brought her home 5 pounds of salt!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday, June 20th, 1935

Get the things we need

Somehow, the family is getting by. Lloyd is watching the sales. Word is that he might get called back to the shop. Work means money. Money means they will be able to get the things they need.

Still, little pleasures still exist, like carnivals and ice cream.

Who is Ollie?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunday, June 16th, 1935

Grandma Slane dies

Grandma Slane was Mary's grandma Hemminger; she became Grandma Slane after her second marriage to Frank Slane. The burial was at East Liberty, Delaware County, Ohio. She mentions that she was buried near her own father. If you were to visit the cemetery today, you would not find a marker for Grandma Slane.

I once discovered where she was buried. When you turn into the drive at the cemetery, Mary's father Ovello is buried on the right, barely a car length, just as you turn in. Further back on also a tad further in on the drive stands a tall cedar, or at least one did when I last visited the area. This once small cedar marked the place of her burial.

Mary mentions Marion here. He is Marion Weaver, husband of Lloyd's sister Garnie.

Goodbye for now, Grandma Slane.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wednesday, June 12th, 1935

Cinderella Man documented

Mary notes a significant cultural event on the 13th of June. James Braddock won the heavyweight championship of the world as the 10-to-1 underdog in one of the most stunning upsets in boxing history at Madison Square Garden. Of course, they listened to the match on someone else's radio. They didn't have a radio.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday, June 8th, 1935

A big day.

We have a big day on the 9th of June. What's the occasion? Anyone know?
The kids play in the cellar. What are they playing? Pass the spud?

Tuesday, June 4th, 1935

School is out

Leo advances to the 4th grade and Paul to the third. Mary's toe sure is sore.