Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday, July 26th, 1935

Washing machines and radios

Mary got a bad scare. She thought DJ was hit!

Now that they have had a full pay, things like clothes for the kids are gotten and a washing machine seems like a good idea. $10 wouldn't put them out very much.

I'd love to look at a Marion Star for this weekend to see what show they went to see on Sunday.

Would you believe that the police were prowling the neighborhood looking for the loud radio? Of course, we're talking something like that new swing sound from that new kid Benny Goodman on NBC played over a Philco; not some hip-hop blasting boom box.

Lawrence is mentioned here. He is one of Garnie (Benson) Weaver's kids, the father of Don Weaver, former Morrow County Commissioner who just recently passed away. Also mentioned for the first time here is Emma. Who is she?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday, July 22nd, 1935

Cookies and berries

Mary made cookies (nice ones) and Leo picked berries. He was rained out on Tuesday but had better success on Wednesday despite more rain.

Lloyd is getting more hours at work and more pay to boot. Their first full pay comes on Thursday. The money will go fast.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunday, July 14th, 1935

Met the old lady?

Who is the old lady? She's not referring to her mother here, right? Wonder where Lenora, her mother worked. Well, Leo gets sick and the car gets a flat and needs a patch.

As always, there is laundry to do and more doctor visits. And gardening.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wednesday, July 10th, 1935

"Boy, but that melon was good."

Ah, summertime. The family, with the first paycheck in a long while, and a new car, head out for the country to spend time with Grandma Lenora Hemminger. While in the area they stopped over to the cemetery where Mary's pappa Ovella is buried. It is also where Grandma Slane, Ovella's mother, has just recently been buried. They fill in the grave some which has apparently settled some.

Cakes, pies, berries, candy and melon are all mentioned. The kids love getting out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Grandma Lenora Hemminger write a birthday greeting to Leo with the admonishment to be honest and true. Here is a transcript:

Marengo, Ohio
June 29, 1935

My Dear Grandson Leo,

Well dear little boy you are nine years old today and I will send you something later on as soon as I get it for your birthday. I hope you will be a good boy in the coming year and help your dear mother all you can for she needs your help and she did so much for you when you were little and be honest and true so everyone will trust you and put dependence in you and what you say and everyon will like you dear little boy. Best close and wishes from you loving


Saturday, July 6th, 1935

What's this? A car?

We read here about getting tags. On the 9th a mention is made of a car. Lloyd tried out his car and the kids got a ride! It appears that getting back to work is a good thing.

These pages show several days that start off good, but Mary isn't feeling well and gets to feeling worse. DJ is noted as coming down with the measles.

So on the bright side, there's new playthings for the kids; a new lawn chair; groceries and good food like home made bread, noodles, rasberries and even ice cream. Plus a new car!

On the down side, Zelia (who is that?) falls down stairs; Mary gets to feeling bad; the kids start fighting and measles strike. The summer is coming on.

Tuesday, July 2, 1935

DJ's new dress and Firecracker Day

Here Mary writes of the fine dress she made for Dorothy. It is sweet and looks ready-made.

Lloyd goes downtown on July third but finds most of the store closed. He still manages to find a teapot and plate as a wedding gift for Harold and Goldie who were married on the 29th.

For the Fourth of July they went to the Delaware Dam with Harold and presumedly Goldie, his new bride. While it was a good time, it was also a hard and tiring day.

Lloyd and Mary don't have a car. Albert gave Mary a ride to the doctor when he saw her at the bus stop. That was nice.