Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday, July 26th, 1935

Washing machines and radios

Mary got a bad scare. She thought DJ was hit!

Now that they have had a full pay, things like clothes for the kids are gotten and a washing machine seems like a good idea. $10 wouldn't put them out very much.

I'd love to look at a Marion Star for this weekend to see what show they went to see on Sunday.

Would you believe that the police were prowling the neighborhood looking for the loud radio? Of course, we're talking something like that new swing sound from that new kid Benny Goodman on NBC played over a Philco; not some hip-hop blasting boom box.

Lawrence is mentioned here. He is one of Garnie (Benson) Weaver's kids, the father of Don Weaver, former Morrow County Commissioner who just recently passed away. Also mentioned for the first time here is Emma. Who is she?

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