Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday, April 20th, 1935

Spring rains, mushroom hunting

Spring rains are reported these next few days. The item that she mentions that resonates the most with me is the line about Lloyd and Harry going mushroom hunting. This is because as a little boy I remember doing just that with my dad and grandpa Lloyd.

He was showing us one of his favorite places to hunt. These mushroom, actually morels, only appear for a few weeks each year, just about at this time. Growing up I learned that you don't tell others about where you find these delicacies. I remember the place as a seldom used farm lane through a wooded area. The lane itself was grassy.

Oddly enough, two friends provided Mary with canes to help her get about. Once the need was known, we see she had at least two friends rush to her aid.

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  1. I like the comment about getting on the kids to do their lessons.