Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monday, April 1st, 1935

All fools day

There's a good bit of content in these first four days of April. Mary tells fortunes again and gets fooled.

Bertine is mentioned for the first time. Who is this?

Lloyd almost forgot to go for his surplus. What is this? Is it like the surplus cheese the government was passing out in the 80's? Was there surplus food or clothing available during the depression?

Did you ever miss school because of a wardrobe malfunction? Leo did on April 4th. I guess baggy pants were not in style in 1935.

Also on the 4th, Albert "got the machine" and took her and D.J. somewhere. Does that mean he got his car? Lloyd and Mary do not have a car.

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  1. Wish Mary could tell me my fortune. Pro'lly she'd say I'd have a baby girl on All Fools day. ;-) Now that would be pretty fortunate.