Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 16th, 1935

Lonesome day

The importance of family and friends to Mary is evident in her Sunday St. Patrick's Day entry. She said they "looked for company, but nobody came," and then finally summed up the day with a simple statement. "Lonesome day."

The family worked hard on Saturday, planting early spring foods like onions, lettuce and radishes, and also baking pies and bread. It must have been a warm cozy kitchen this day!

Lloyd gets to feeling poorly, and when Dr. Grover comes by, cracks his neck. On the 19th, Mae is mention again as she stops by and drops off a can of peaches. We recently learned that Mae is not technically family to Mary and Lloyd. Lloyd's brother Albert married Nellie Kelley and Mae is the daugher of Nellie's twin sister, Stella. So Mae is Mary's brother-in-law's niece. Got that?

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