Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is the first of a series of family features that will be interspersed with the 1935 diary of Mary Hemminger Benson, second wife of Lloyd Benson. The past several blog entries speak of Clarence Benson. This picture arrived in the email from a direct descendant of Lloyd's brother, Harry Walter Benson who was born Jun 30th, 1884. The sender of this email was well acquainted with all the persons seen in this photograph.

Shown here, from left to right are Donald Kemmer, Leta (Benson) Kemmer, William Birt Benson, Mattie Martha (Weaver) Benson, Esther Marie (Hall) Benson, Clarence Benson. Donald Kemmer was Leta's second husband. Leta and Clarence are the two children born to Will and Mattie.
This photo is not dated, but this writer believes that it was taken no earlier than the mid-1940's.

And now we have a better feel for the family of Will and Mattie (Weaver) Benson recently referred to in Mary Benson's 1935 diary. Esther and Clarence were an attractive couple, don't you think?

(Do you have family photos or stories to share prompted by what you read in this diary? Won't you please share them, and won't you recommend this blog to other descendants of the Benson family?)

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