Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 27th, 1935

Pickles, garters and prayer

Mary's mother is taken to Columbus for a gall bladder operation. Some money got wired to them to make things happen. Was it Florence? Who is Florence? Who is the old maid she doesn't like?

The 28th is Lloyd's birthday. He is 54. He got for his birthday new socks, a tie and a garter. Whoo-hoo. Then he worked on putting pickles up for winter.

The pickling continued the next day as well with Nellie and Massie. Word was also received that her mother, Lenora, would be operated on the next day. Frank, Ida and E. came around midnight to drive her to the hospital in Columbus. She says they had trouble. Today a drive from Marion to Columbus should only take about an hour, depending. She didn't arrive until 5:30 am!

The next day the operation took place. Mary cried and prayed and went without eating nearly all day. She stayed with her mother until about 8 pm.

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