Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 1, 1935

The diary begins

The notations in the opening cover of the diary are a record of payments made to Dr. Grover. He was a chiropractor, consider by some to be a "quack" doctor in those days.

Mary at this time is living in Marion, Ohio. It is 1935. Times are hard as it is the time of the Great Depression. Mary is at this time the mother of three young children. Lloyd Benson is her husband. This is Lloyd's second marriage, her first.

She was born Mary Evelina Hemminger on May 7th, 1905 in Porter Township, Delaware County, Ohio to Ovella "Wello" H. Hemminger and Lenora Francis Wright. She was an only child.

She mentions here that she had gotten a letter from her mother. Her mother lived in Delaware County.

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